Many races have inhabited this small world, each had it’s golden era in the warm summer sun. The latest of which, humanity, dares not look into the setting sun of it’s own demise. Fall is coming, are your prepared for the winter?


The Story of the Five Nations

In the beginning, the mortal races quarreled endlessly. Sorrow, pain and fear swept the land like wildfires over fertile fields. And this made the gods cry tears, which turned into rain but never touched the scorched ground or even the highest licks of flame. The mortal races continued to suffer, and the gods continued to cry.

In the middle of the fire, a seed of hope shone briefly amidst the fire. A little human girl named Liliana, came under the watchful guise of Bahamut. As she grew into a woman, Bahamut fell in love with her. Although he could never caress her face in the warmth of a sunny day, never hold her when she cried, he loved her throughout his whole being.

One day, a great fire swept through the tranquil forest in which she and her family lived, and it quickly surrounded their small house. And Bahamut cried. He wept tears so numerous, as to flood a hundred worlds. But his tears didn’t reach the flames. As he tearfully watched her weeping in despair at the baby that was no longer crying; her parents gasping for breath on the floor as the flames tickled the timbers of their house. And Bahamut cried. He wept tears so grand that the other gods thought that heaven may flood with his outpour. But his tears didn’t reach the flames. The love of Bahamut died that day.

He then vowed to stop the wildfires of hatred that spread across the world. To do this, he promised to Liliana, he would sacrifice everything. First, he cut out his right eye and placed it close to the world such that his tears were closer to the flames. Second, he cut off his left claw and cried tears of pain. Third, he cut off his tail. The despair set in and he wept tears of sorrow. Fourth, he cut out his tongue and he cried tears of loneliness. And fifth, he cut off his wings and cried tears of captivity. With his fifth sacrifice, his tears reached the flames.

He called the five most loyal Dragonkin to his side and gave to each a piece of himself. He ordered each to seek out the most worthy tribes in each area and give unto them a piece of himself such that they would unify their clansmen and form nations. The first to receive an Artifact of Bahamut were the oldest of the major mortal races, the Elves. With its power, they formed a strong nation in the southern forests, and spread growth and life as their emissaries crossed the known world. And the world knew of the gift of life. The second to receive an artifact were the Orc Tribes in the great northern frozen tundra. The Orcs spread spirituality and strength, and the world knew honor. The third to receive an artifact were the Gnomes of the western badlands. The gnomes through discipline and study created magic, and the world knew of order. The Dwarves of the mountains received the fourth artifact. With it they dug deep into the mountains and created entire cities underground, creating tools and other artifacts. And the world knew of craftsmanship. The last to receive the gift of Bahamut were the humans. The humans built a vast network of roads and tradroutes to link all five nations together. And the world knew prosperity.

Fall of Albion