Fall of Albion

Introduction to Stone Foothold

The Pudding Bandits bravely strode into the depths of the caverns. There, Joe the Rogue scouted out a suspicious ritual and found the dryad from the night before. When they approached the dryad, he was startled and alerted the ritual undertakers. A battle began, with the adventurers taking an early lead with a powerful sleep spell from the Wizard Rick. However the tide quickly turned on the young adventurers as the lone Rogue Joe was ambushed by the archers. Joe was in dire straights as a well placed arrow struck him unconscious and dying. However, with the healing power supplied by the Warlord Laura, and the revival of the devastating Rouge Joe the enemies were quickly dispatched.

In the aftermath of the battle, our heroes found the following:
  • 230 gp among the dead
  • A stone (big) toe, with suspicious holes in it
  • A blood covered scroll detailing the magic ritual the heroes witnessed. Within that scroll the following text was written: “With my cloak of tears, I give to thee. If you should fall, you shall come to me and in my bosom be reborn.”
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